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Tangerides Vineyards

Our Story
Adelaide, South Australia was settled as a free "non-convict" colony, is one of the oldest German settlement in the world.  In 1834, a group of German Prussian who pursued religious freedom aboard a ship and sailed across the ocean to South Australia to take root in a small valley near Adelaide Hills.   Since then, more German and Silesian emigrants were also arriving, fleeing religious persecution in Old Europe, naturally, they bring with Germany's culture, architecture, food and wine to Adelaide. 
The region is one of Australia’s oldest wine-producing areas, with a wine-making history dating back 150 years. The first vineyards were planted in the 1830s by European settlers, who built stone hewn structures and cottages alongside the vines. They were no doubt European vine cuttings such as Grenache or Shiraz. 
WILHELM Munchenberg born at Meseritz,
in the province of Posen (Silesia). In June 1838, Wilhelm, together with his family travelled from Turowo, Prussia to Hamburg and embarking on the sailing ship called "Catherina", after 128 days at sea. Finally, on 2nd January 1839, they arrived at Port Adelaide.
From 1840 to 1900, many grape growers practiced viticulture and wine-making. It was the very beginning of the Munchenberg's family vineyard, where the young Wilhelm and his wife planted the first vine on their land. Established vineyards, which continue to be the livelihood of present day descendants.
In 2014, the Tangerides Wine Pty Ltd purchased the vineyards from the Munchenberg's family, whose Great Great Grandfather prepared the land and planted out the first vineyards, tending and nurturing the fruit of the vine in much the same way as his descendants do today. With solid decades of accumulated knowledge of passing on the best possible variety of grapes are maintained by Tangerides Wine. Our avowed philosophy is to blend old school traditions with new school style. Our youth, energy, and passion coupled with the distinct sense of place that wine brings to our lives, allows us to produce wines of great character, and distinction. 


There are over 250 acres of Tangerides Vineyards in Loxton, Riverland and Clare Valley, South Australia. 30% of them are organic certified. Beautiful organic and non-organic grapes:- Shiraz,

Cab Sauvignon, Merlot, Semillon, Grenache and Chardonnay are planted there.


From our vineyards, Tangerides wines have created its unique house style of premium red wines displaying concentration and intensity. Our brands are Tangerides, O’Loxton, and McMurry for various international markets. Those are absolutely outstanding red wines, with special blends that make up our superb range of wines to showcasing the best of Australia. We are extremely proud being able to supply such great quality premium wines for the table in local and oversea restaurants.


It is one of our best effort to bring very fine wine from Australia to a growing market of Asia.

Can able to supply our client an excellent quality, a well balanced,

and great flavours wine with the best possible price.



About the Wine
Our Organic Wines
 are made using organic grape growing practices in which no synthetic chemicals are used.



Our Premium Wine 

Red Wines are harvested from their own vineyards and transferred to open fermenters immediately. These produce rich high-grapes grade flavoured wines with soft and supple tannins.


White Wines are made from fruit handled with fastidious attention to detail and great care is taken. This ensures grapes are kept cool and exposure to oxygen is kept minimal. 



 Our Sparkling Grape Juice 

Sparkling Dark Grape Juice, a Non alcoholic and 100% natural, Sparkling Grape Juice with aromas of Dark grape, producing a refreshing and delicious sparkling grape juice drink that's great for any occasion and the whole family can enjoy.


Sparkling White Grape Juice, a Non alcoholic and 100% natural, Sparkling Grape Juice, naturally sweet and alcohol-free with no added preservatives. Delicious sparkling grape juice works best for events like Weddings, it's a great idea for the guess who can't consume alcoholic wine.


2014 – A Remarkable Vintage

2014- Vineyards of Tangerides saw early vintage challenges of extreme heat and rain which resulted in slightly lower than average fruit yields. Despite this, the overall quality achieved this year was outstanding.The vineyard canopies maintained optimum physiological ripeness, resulting in perfect sugar and acid balance in the white varieties. The colour intensity in the reds was exceptional, as was the ripeness of the skin and seed tannins.


2015 – A Fine, Mild Vintage

2015- We experienced a very unusual weather pattern, a mild December and an even cooler than average January, with just enough rainfall to keep the vines healthy, resulted in all grape varieties achieving full ripeness within a very early February.

2016 – The best all-around Vintage

2016- the focus was on riesling, shiraz and cabernet sauvignon, with quality very good to excellent. The heat was alleviated by widespread rain at the end of January and early February.


The Vintage
2015-vintage 1
2015-vintage 3
2014 Chardonnay grapes
2014 Bordeaux-Grapes
2015-vintage 2
2014 grenache
2015 Harvest
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